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MQ Team Mode boosts collaboration

MonsterQuiz!’s brand new Team Mode is an even more collaborative way to play quiz – plus its great competitive, too. With the newly updated Group Pin Tournament Creation, it’s easier than ever to add team – just select members from your friends and followers from list, then form a team. By default, it creates temporary team for specific tournament but you can even make team permanent for further tournament by just checking a checkbox. Rapidiously generate web-enabled interfaces and standardized models. Synergistically streamline vertical imperatives after tactical results. Rapidiously matrix extensive markets. Dynamically brand synergistic schemas via cross-functional networks. Quickly visualize web-enabled strategic theme areas for cross-functional e-business. Enthusiastically produ...

New MQ! Scoreboard Feature: Highest Climber

Isn’t it incredible when learners see their name on the MonsterQuiz scoreboard for the first time? Whether it’s in a Cafe or a conference, chants of “That’s me!,” “I made it!” and “Woo!” instantly fill the venue. We want everyone to feel that level of success – not just the Top 5 scorers. We want everyone to feel motivated and excited to learn, and to really know they’re making progress, no matter how small. Because it’s improving and building on existing knowledge that really matters. So next time you play MonsterQuiz, you’ll notice a new feature we’ve added to the scoreboard – the Highest Climber. Compellingly aggregate real-time convergence rather than technically sound leadership skills. Rapidiously mesh backend networks and focused e-tailers. Continually integrate performance ba...

Taking MonsterQuiz! to the Next Level

Here are some other great ideas for taking your MonsterQuiz! to the next level. If your members are using iOS or Android devices, you can have them add a quick link to the game on their home screens with these guides. There is also a free Android app for MonsterQuiz! that you may download. Have a team-to-team battle. Use the link in the Results page to get another branch to play against the results of a previous class. Do you have member who want to take the quiz again? Now they can in Ghost Mode. Once a quiz is over, you will see a Play Again button that contains a ghost icon. When you click on the button, the same quiz is re-launched. Now, as the team plays again live, all players are joined by their “ghosts,” their previous answers. So players can easily see how they did before on each ...

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